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Re: [ST] st Digest, Vol 10, Issue 6 (RAT)

Bob, I don't know if you are aware of this or not but
I believe my wife and I had supper at The George and
Dragon with your R.A.T. Pack around this time last
year. That meeting was an inspiration to me to start a
Pack back home here in Jersey.
     We have been organizing for a few months now and
things seem to be coming together. We hope to be
recognized by Triumph soon and listed in Torque.
           I will keep in touch,  Mike Roukas

--- Bob Nixon <bigrex@xxxxxxx> wrote:

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> >Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2006 20:59:07 -0800 (PST)
> >From: Michael Roukas <mroukas@xxxxxxxxx>
> >Subject: Re: [ST] And Harley riders wonder why...
> >To: ST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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> >Steve,   Missed you at Thursday's R.A.T. Pack
> Meeting.
> >The next meeting will be on February 2ND at 7:00
> pm. I
> >hope you can join us then. By the way, when my wife
> >and I met (about 30 years ago)I had a motorcycle
> apart
> >in my bedroom. Ten years after that we had a farm
> >house in New York State and two kids. She used to
> open
> >the front door when she heard the bike and I coming
> >home from work so I could ride up the stairs into
> the
> >house. Last year my new Sprint spent the winter
> under
> >a sheet in my living room nice and cozy.Different
> >strokes.   Mike
> Mike, good that you RAT guys can communicate. Our
> local RAT rep Craig Westor
> is here in Phoenix where our bigger riding season is
> during the winter.
> Anyway, I'm on four of these online lists now and
> the local RAT forum is
> having a bit of a time getting off the ground with
> just Craig and I doing
> 99% of the postings. Thankfully our local "Canyon
> Scratchers"-35 and older
> group has a lot of on-line traffic, riding,
> +everyone knows each other and
> even has a disproportionately high number of Triumph
> owners including the
> group's moderator, his wife and father. That's Nine
> Triumphs out of 32
> members and half the folks are track or dirt/motard
> only riders.
> Anyway, I'm not sure our local RAT effort is going
> to get motivated with
> their on-line forum. They do have a ride, once in
> awhile and a dinner
> downtown, once a month but "these days" I think you
> need to communicate
> online well else the group won't go anywhere. Below
> is a photo of a group
> ride I went on with the RAT crew in early December
> with 7 total on the ride
> +My friend Paul who showed up at the start on his
> Trophy but couldn't do the
> ride due to prior obligations. Anyway they all
> seemed like nice folks but
> I'd entertain any suggestion you might have about
> getting the group to mix
> more often.
> I've even tried inviting them on some of the other
> group I explained rides
> but so far nada.
> This is about half of the guys who went on the ride;
> me center.
> More of the crew:
> The other well establish group with 8 Triumphs on
> new years day.
> The Moderator of that group's new years story:
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