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[ST] rear brake sensitivity question

i have had my '03 sprint st now for almost a year, and i have noticed the rear brake is much more sensitive then it was on my speed four. i talked to my brother in law who has a speed triple, and he says his is pretty weak. mine seems to be extra sensitive, during hard stops it locks up almost everytime. i took the motorcycle safety foundation advanced course last year and noticed this also along with the instructors.
is something wrong with it, or is this just a character of this bike. or is it a riding error on my part (a possibility only been riding for 2 years)? it locked up again on saturday and it wasn't a hard stop at all? wondering if the dealer could dial it back a little. i am not locking up the front otherwise i might be writing this from the hospital or repair shop (knocking on wood)...
03' sprint st "the royal banana"
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