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[ST] for Derek - abandonment

 >>> There is a small group of us here in the South OC. Don Draper 
abandoned us; we are wearing a little thin. <<<

     Ah Derek,... abandonment is too harsh a term.  Had I run off to 
this hub of motorcycle heaven, north of Santa Rosa, with your 
luscious red-haired pillion,... THAT would have been abandonment.  I 
was just tired of having to ride an hour in heavy traffic to get to 
where the good motorcycle roads begin.  I do miss having you with me 
to help pick up the bike after my parking lot drops and I think of 
you (and the red-haired lady) often.  Try to get up here to 
Healdsburg and ride with me for a day or two this Spring, I'm less 
than an hour north of Sears Point (now Infineon) Raceway.  Tel - 
(707) 473-0406.

                               doggydoo    - - - - o%\o

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