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Re: [ST] What's that link to the cam shim removal tool?

$130.00 for Triumph Tool T3880012 valve shim removal for early Sprint 
ST's is very expensive.  While still not in the bargain basement price 
range, Triumph's MSRP for this tool is $110.00.  I've had one for years 
and though it's not the fastest tool in the kit, it does work.  Sorry, I 
don't know the link to the other tool.

Dan Wallander
Albuquerque, NM

Allyoop wrote:

>Before we move on entirely, I do most of my own wrenching and would like to
>see the instructions for that low buck valve compression/shim removal tool
>designed for the early ST. $130 is way too much for a tool I'd use so
>infrequently. Given how much it's been raining up here in the Northwet, once
>in a lifetime seems unlikely.
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