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[ST] 05 ST First Long Ride

Sharyn and I finally got around to going for our first long ride two up on 
the 05 ST.

32+ degrees C with a slight cool breeze, we headed way out west where the 
rain dont fall. Our new - ish Rjays Supervent jackets were mandatory and we found 
ourselves hoping for the rain that follows such warm days. In vain as it 
turned out.

My legs were warm in my Dririder armoured pants but I think I'm learning to 
live with it. Sharyn didnt get a warm butt from the underseat exhaust which was 
good news. However, having covered about 250kms today (I know thats not much, 
but this is our first two up ride for some time), we did independently reach 
the same conclusion about the stock seat.

Its CRAP!!!

The purpose of the ride, other than going for a ride, was to deliver the 
Sargent seat from my '99 ST, may she rest in peace, to a chap with a '03 ST, 
having won the ebay auction. Watching it disappear to its new happy home, had me 
thinking that I may have a good excuse for a trip to Florida, to plead with 
Sargent to weave their magic once more.

Why do manufacturers make such lousy stock seats?
Is this one of the questions that will plague us for eternity with no 
plausible answer?


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