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Re: [ST] 05 ST First Long Ride

>From: iPat
>who's the best resource for the two makes in the UK?
>Anyone know. Ive got a Corbin site googled but maybe theres a recomended

Well, here's the sargent site: http://www.sargentcycle.com/triwssprint.htm
The distributors page mentions this address for the UK (nothing mentioned
for Europe): www.sargentcycle.co.uk , which will eventually get you here:
I've so far heard better stuff about sargent than about corbin, corbin is
easier to get over here though (very expensive unfortunately). No problems
with the comfort of the stock seat except that my gf tends to slide forward
against me, pushing me against the fairing... the sargent should prevent
that, but she doesn't want to sit far away to the back, detached from me
during riding... Let me know if you get a price for a Sprint seat, I wonder
how much they are via that shop (I have a '01 Sprint).


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