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Re: [ST] 05 ST First Long Ride

>From: iPat
> http://www.1066customcycles.co.uk/acatalog/1999_to_2002_Sprint_955.html
>£275 isnt in my budget right now, with the Motech set up first in line
>> Let me know if you get a price for a Sprint seat, I wonder
>> how much they are via that shop (I have a '01 Sprint).

I meant price for the sargent, as they are different in the US as well.
I don't think the Corbin can be combined with the SW Motech toprack
(on the "old" Sprint ST) as the rear is very high. I also like the
features of the sargent better, and I've seen better reviews about
sargent than corbins (although it's often very personal). Still saving
though, it's still outside of my budget as well...


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