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Re: [ST] 05 ST First Long Ride

On Jan 23, 2006, at 4:13 AM, MFay@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

>> Why do manufacturers make such lousy stock seats?
> After having a Corbin on my ST for so long I find it very difficult to 
> go
> back to the softer stock seats that the manufacturers supply.

If manufacturers put a seat like a Corbin as stock equipment, people 
sitting on the bike in the showroom would probably think the seat is 
too hard and therefore would be uncomfortable when the truth is just 
the opposite. We're all used to our comfy sofas too much.

Matt Knowles - Ferndale, CA - 
  '99 Sprint ST - for going fast and far (2CZUSA)
  '01 KLR650 - for exploring the North Coast backroads
  '97 KLX300 & '01 Lakota - for playing in the dirt
  '79 KZ400 - just because it was the first vehicle I ever owned

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