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Re: [ST] Bike or Rider?

Personally, when I started racing in CCS 2 years ago, I never thought I would ever be that decent. I purchased a bike, GSXR750, setup to a rider of my same sizing/weight. With it being setup properly for me, it taught me alot about true riding art on the track. With the proper weapon, even too much for me at the time, tuned me in faster than most to proper racing lines, control, braking, body movement, and much more confidence. I think, with the proper bike setup, it may not win out of the box, but you will learn and progress so much faster than trying to set it up, and riding something sub-par for racing. With the right machine, most people will progress much faster than most would on not perfect, or not properly setup bikes. It takes alot to learn about suspension changes, tires, power delivery, etc. to just go out and win. With good equipment to start with, you will do much better, much faster.

Chris Harwood <Chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

It's quite a challenge really. If you got it street legal you could
talk all that stuff up and maybe think you got your money's worth.

If you bought it and sat on it on the grid you'd have a heck of a lot
to live up to!

Mixed blessing advertising like that perhaps...? Especially buying off
advertising like that!

Chris Harwood
00 RS

>>> Richard_Masiak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 23/01/2006 17:19:51 >>>
I just saw a classified add for a race bike for sale. It was touting
how the bike was a champion with all "x" amount of pole starts, race
wins, etc. It got me thinking. As great as that all sounds, and no
doubt the bike is preped as good as it can be, it's still all the rider.
The bike can't win that all on it's own. It needs a rider. And that's
not all. It needs a rider who can utilize that top notch bike to it's
fullest or beyond.

It reminded me of these golf club ads touting extra distance and
strokes off your game. Sure a club design can add 50 yards to your
game, but if you suck (like I do) your slice will only go that 50 yards
further into the trees. :-)

I think that goes the same for motorcycles. All that technology and
setup isn't gonna do a lick of good unless you're able to use it
properly, right?

So, bike or rider? I thinks it's a mixture of both.

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