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Re: [ST] Bike or Rider?

I think on the track it's more complicated than that.

Bikes are set up to match the riding style of the rider.  Otherwise all
tarmac circuit racing bikes would be gravitating towards the same design
and settings.

The ability of the rider to feedback good technical info to the team is
a vital part that also depends on their aptitude in experimenting with
alternative riding styles.

So, getting back to the original posting, the bike may have won several
pole positions etc. but with a rider whose style you cannot discover or
emulate.  It could spit you off enough times to destroy your confidence
in your ability to win.

The extraordinary thing about Rossi was that he appeared to be able to
make a bike that was acknowledged to be slow, win races consistently.

Chris Harwood
00 RS (non racer)

>>> garrysimmons@xxxxxxxxxxxx 24/01/2006 12:57:35 >>>
Out on the street, or perhaps even in amateur racing, the difference in

skill level between riders is large, so it's the rider. At the highest

levels of competition the riders are lapping within tenths of a second
each other, so I'd say it's a mix of bike and rider there with the
being the more important of the two. Rossi has a mental edge or
over the rest of the field, many of whom are riding equally good


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