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Re: [ST] ouch


Sorry to hear that.

When I dropped my RS at < 20m.p.h. I decided to use my comprehensive
insurance to cover the 2300GBP of damage.

The fallout was that I have not been able to use that insurance firm
again as they hiked the premium despite no-claim-bonus (NCB) now
building.  In case you think I'm exaggerating:

Fully comp in 2002 with 6 months of post-test riding - 750GBP.  Fully
comp from same broker for 2005 and 2years NCB and 3 years riding
experience, 3500GBP.

I am currently Third Party Fire & Theft (TPFT) for 220GBP.

>>> MarcVE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 25/01/2006 13:51:25 >>>
I Brilliantly managed to drop my one week old bike.


I didn't leave it in gear, kicked out the side stand, started getting
off and it rolled forward. Next thing I knew crash - me lying under the
bike after not being able to stop it falling, and my mate Johan laughing
at my stupidity. I cant say I saw the funny side at the time, I was
seriously p#$$ed off.

My neighbors are giving me skew looks at the language they heard at 7
on a Sunday morning.

I got the quote today for the repairs (thank %$d for insurance) : R8
400 (US $1200) to replace a fairing panel, flicker, crank case cover,
mirror and clutch lever.

I could probably have most of it 95% repaired for under R1 000, but I'd
rather pay the insurance excess and get it sorted properly.

I can honestly say that the RS side stand was a lot more positive and
stiffer than the Daytona setup. 


(slightly battered Daytona 955)

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