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Re: [ST] ouch


I feel, or have felt, your pain.  When my RS was but 3 months old I 
parked it outside my office on a particularly sunny spring day.  As is my 
usual practice I placed the bike on the center stand and headed into the 
office.  A couple of hours later I looked outside to check on her and had 
a funny thought, "Hmmm, that looks rather odd, it's almost like the bike 
is laying down?"  "OH SH!T, IT IS!"  The newish pavement of the street 
had offered little resistance once heated up and one leg of the center 
stand had sunk some 3" into the pavement at which point the bike toppled 
on it's side.  Total damage: one brake lever, one front fairing, mirror, 
bar end, and exhaust can (ouch!).  I think that all told it was nearly 
$2,000 US to fix and I was without the bike for nearly a month. This was 
back in the day when Triumph had little to no parts distribution network 
and dealers had to order everything from across the pond.  So, it could 
be worse, trust me.  The only good to come of it is that the carbon 
exhaust was cheaper than the stock so I got an upgrade out of the whole deal.

Bottom line, make sure you return the Daytona to "as-new" condition, 
it'll make you feel better than saving a couple of bucks and fixing some 
things only part way.



Marc Van Est wrote:
> I Brilliantly managed to drop my one week old bike.
> Bummer.
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