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Re: [ST] ouch

im in my 40's, had a write off the other year which was protected on the
insurance. Im about £350 fully comp i think although in 2002 it was cheaper
throughout the market and i was under £300.
Ive been riding since 1978 although bike test was 80s sometime

BTW Chris, im in Cambridge this weekend, one of my fighters on the bill at
the Cherry Hindon Centre.

On 1/25/06, Chris Harwood <Chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Marc
> Sorry to hear that.
> When I dropped my RS at < 20m.p.h. I decided to use my comprehensive
> insurance to cover the 2300GBP of damage.
> The fallout was that I have not been able to use that insurance firm
> again as they hiked the premium despite no-claim-bonus (NCB) now
> building.  In case you think I'm exaggerating:
> Fully comp in 2002 with 6 months of post-test riding - 750GBP.  Fully
> comp from same broker for 2005 and 2years NCB and 3 years riding
> experience, 3500GBP.
> I am currently Third Party Fire & Theft (TPFT) for 220GBP.
> --
> Pat
> For the discovery of truth there is no path…
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