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Re: [ST] ouch

At least you decided it wasn't worth hurting yourself.  Me, I didn't and I did.

I decided to force a gentle lay down while straddling it, and I did, at the expense of my back.
But then picking it back up ended up stratching the fairing anyway :-(

Oh well.

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Hm, done that, too. Sitting on the bike, showing it to a friend and 
forgetting to kick the sidestand out. When I stood up, I expected it to stop 
leaning, but it wouldn't. After grunting and moaning, trying to keep it 
upright I thought it wasn't worth injuring myself and let it go. Some 
scratches on the fairing, a bent gear shifter, the majority of the weight 
was held up by the hard case (on the black underside where you hardly notice 
it) Conclusion: If sitting  on bike first switch brain on, then bike.

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