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Re: [ST] ouch

brettwilson21@xxxxxxx wrote:

> I'm beginning to think that low speed or even stand still drops are a lot more common than I ever thought. I did it with a loan bike. My '99 ST was in for a major service and they gave me a demonstrator 2004 ST for a week. I promptly dropped it that night when I forgot about my disc lock for the first time in years.

Got the t-shirt on that one.  I have never *touch desk* dropped a bike 
at speed, but dropped my TDR250 in my front garden, my XJ600 when I 
moved it about half an inch when parked, with me standing on the 
right-hand side.  The sidestand flipped up and it went over.  And 4 
months after I got the ST I pulled away with the disc lock on.  That 
f'in' hurt.  Pride, leg and wallet.

 From other bikers I know, I'm guessing that 0 to 1mph drops are a hell 
of a lot more common than crashes.  But we only tell other bikers about 
the slow ones, 'cause they feel more stupid!

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