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Re: [ST] ouch

So sorry about that mark.

I did that on a regular basis with my K12RS and that's what
triggered me to change for lighter bike. But it was actually close to 
285 Kg.

I am not sure you shouldn't attempt a repair by a good painter rather 
than changing
the part unless something is really out. Event hat, those fairings are 
gluable w/ pvc glue.
Event he stickers can be bought.
And about the insurance you'd rather make the math about the premium 
rise before using it this time.

Don't forget however that the fairing is for protecting the rest. For 
the slider, it's OK if it doesn't put your
frame in jeopardy. I saw some that broke their engine mounting point 
trying to protect a piece of plastic.

My 2 cents

Fred ST 02 BRG
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