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Re: [ST] dropped bike

I'm confessin' here, too.  Years ago, I dropped by 3 day old 1996 Trident 
900 at the end of my driveway, when the cold motor stalled.  She fell on her 
right side, and my right boot was pinned neatly between the motor and 
tarmac.  Thankfully, it was a 6 AM on a summer morning, so the neighbors who 
weren't woken by my torrent of profanity didn't get to view me trying to 
pull myself out from under the bike. Six years later I brain farted on 
downshifting, went right past second into first at 30 MPH, and slammed my 
then new Speed Triple down on her left side.  Fortunately, the Sky King bar 
end mirror absorbed the impact, and the only damage was a broken gear change 
lever at the box, with the exception of my pride, that is...

Denis Liakos
'01 BRG ST
'01 Neon Blue SP3 

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