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[ST] New production 675 1st showing in Phoenix

It's officially in production folks. (Photos below)


They opened up the shop on Sunday for the viewing of this new SS bike.
The big deal is that it is a three banger in with a host of Japanese 600cc
fours and one $15.000 Ducati (749 twin). The retail is $9000US or $500 more
than an R6, 600RR, ZX6R (636) & GSXR-600. And yes it's legal to race a 675
triple against 600 I4's & 750 twins in most racing classes. BTW, rumors have
it up on power, especially down low against all the competition. It's also
skinnier than the I4's, has inverted forks, radial front brakes, master
cylinder and Showa suspension components, just like the Japanese. Wet weight
is ~400 and dry is 375 pounds. Build quality (see photos) is of the same
caliber as Honda. Stock tires are Metzler Diablo Corsa's or just one tick
removed from a racing slick. Notice the lack of sidewall tread.

Horsepower is quoted at 125 at the crank or ~110-112 at the wheel. Top speed
is quoted at 162. No ? mile times but it should run mid tens @ 133+.  Lets
hope they can live up to the hype and seriously get back into racing.
Bob Nixon, Chandler, AZ
01 Sprint ST "RED" 53K miles

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