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Re: [ST] New production 675 1st showing in Phoenix

In a message dated 31/01/2006 3:37:26 PM AUS Eastern Daylight Time, 
matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> And the CBR600F would be serving what purpose with the two Triumphs 
> around?

We bought the '92 CBR with 37,000kms on it. The previous owner rode it once a 
month if he was lucky and despite his assertions the poor thing was suffering 
from little more than sitting in a shed and gathering dust. With the motor 
being in excellent health we put some elbow grease and TLC into and have a great 
little bike. Its my girls transport at the moment, but when she is ready to 
move to something else I'm going make a project out of it. 

Its purpose? It will be a toy! A great big, ear to ear grinning fun machine. 
I love my ST but its a great to be on a smaller, lighter bike and throw it 
around some of our local twisty sections of tarmac.

If I were to acquire a 675 it would also be a toy. I may not even register it 
which would mean more track days...

Maybe I should just keep dreaming...


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