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[ST] Daytona's

I'm seriously stoked with my Daytona955. Triumph must be mad to have killed it off - I think a sportier version of the ST1050 would be a big seller.

Don't get me wrong -I loved my RS too, but this thing really gets me going.

With the high-rise race-pipe on the bang in power as it goes past 7 000 rpm is just amazing, and it sounds fantastic. The brakes are nice too.

I've still got 200 odd kms before I can rev it beyond 8000, although I have run it up to 9000 rpm once or twice over the weekend getting past stuff.

Its more work lower down the rev range, not as smooth as the RS, and a bit more work across the very bumpy stuff, but still pretty comfy and feels very confidence inspiring in the twisty's.

Give it a handful and it takes off with a howl. As close to a full-on super bike as I can handle, without being a track-only machine like the GSXR's etc.

More fun than sliced bread, exactly why I ride bikes in the first place -to have fun. I really couldn't give a T$%s if it wins races, its exactly what I want - a very quick but predictable road bike.

I'm doing a  300 plus km ride on Sunday, it will be interesting to see how comfortable it feels after a few hours in the saddle, the RS was extremely good in that department.

Now I just need the budget for a Tiger as well.............., or maybe a scrambler?


Cape Town
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