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Re: [ST] Mirror sleeves?

>From: Zoltan Pavlakovich
>You mean those freakn" mirror condoms? Good intention but stupid design 
>From: "Kevin Stevens" <triumph@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>rubber sleeves covering the mirror arms keep coming loose

I actually have no problems with them somehow. They just fit and they
never came loose (30.000 km now since new march last year, 2001 model).
They were a bit weirdly folded because the mirrors were collapsed
backwards since 2001 I guess, but even with the weird folds in them
they staid in place fine. After riding and sitting out in the sun,
the folds have gone away and it looks smooth now too. Mirrors don't
shake either, they're solidly mounted... really, no problems at all.

So are mine different? I could make a little video to determine if
mine are shaped differently or more tight or so?


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