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Re: [ST] Mirror sleeves?

I don't think mine have ever been on correctly.  They dangle there just 
short of the channels where they're supposed to lock in.  I don't think 
there's any fix - I've just ignored it for the last 5 years.  Doesn't bother 
me at all.

John in NJ
'01 BRG ST

>From: Kevin Stevens <triumph@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>Subject: [ST] Mirror sleeves?
>Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 20:43:08 -0800
>I have just acquired a 2001 Sprint ST, it's overall in great shape
>(wish I could find an owner's manual), but has one problem.  The
>rubber sleeves covering the mirror arms keep coming loose at the
>fairing ends.  They seem to fit ok, they flex into place around the
>metal lip, but work loose on even the shortest of rides.  Is this a
>known issue?  Easy fix?  I was going to use a bit of silicone seal to
>glue them into place, but that seems a clunky repair.
>Thanks for any suggestions!
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