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[ST] Bike to Bike Communication

A buddy of mine and I are going to be riding back to Tennessee in May 
from California. We are looking for the best bike to bike communicator 
system we can find at a reasonable cost. ($300-$400). I have ruled out 
Chatterbox, had one and it was a POS. We are looking at Autocom and 
Starcom. Both recommend Kenwood Freetalk  FRS (1-2 mile range) or GMRS 
1W or 2W for longer range. I plan to hook a XM radio and a GPS to the 
unit in addition to the Bike to bike radio. I would like to hear 
recommendations from real world users. What we are looking for most is 
dependability. We want it to work before we leave and don't want to have 
to fine tune it on the way. I am planning on using a PTT instead of VOX 
setup. We will both be riding solo so we don't need pillion capability. 
I am wondering if we need 2W radios. The cost goes up from $80 for FRS 
to 250-300 for 2W GMRS. I don't expect we will me much farther that a 
mile apart most of the time.
Does anyone have any experience with these two systems? Or know the best 
place to buy a couple of units?
Al Garvin
San Martin, Ca.
2000 Sprint ST.
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