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Re: [ST] Anti Motorcycle Rhetoric

On Wed, 4 Apr 2007, Todd J wrote:

> Not that I condone loud pipes, and especially the ones that can be heard 
> miles away, I personally think Mr. Denny should find an activity that 
> permits the acting "...in a manner that brings juvenile emotional 
> satisfaction to..." for himself. Maybe then he can be slightly more open 
> minded. Sometimes it is good to act your shoe size and not your age... 
> Andrew Tait <antait@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:  Steve Bergman wrote:

I doubt that he can, seems to be one of those retired execs that don't 
have any real "power" any more so he gets ticked off at loud bikes one day 
in his beloved downtown park and picks up a pen.  I am not a fan of 
straight pipes either, but to lump all motorcycles - totally neglecting 
the fact that many are used for everyday fuel-efficient commuting - into 
one lump like that is totally thoughtless.

Hopefully the locals are firing back via the newspaper's feedback area.


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