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Re: [ST] Exhaust and chain question?

Thanks guys, 

So in order to use the ST can, I must get the ST passenger footpegs and 
mount them in place.  Then I will need to create a 3" adapter to make it 
work even then, but the header pipe should be the same.   Is this correct?

Hey Chris could you send me a picture of your set up?

The reason I asked the other question about the chain "grease" is that a 
dealer that I have been using to service my bike did this after 
replacing the chain.  It seems that the only effect that it had was to 
trap every dust particle and small rock and stick them to my chain.  He 
was trying to sell me sprockets too, but at the time my money was a bit 
tight and my sprockets showed very little wear.  My chain however needed 
replacement (he used a relatively cheap one).  The dealer told me that 
the setup he left me with would last until the next service interval.  
What is seem like to me is that he set me up by sabotaging my bike.  
This dealer has had a very good reputation and it is not even the 
closest dealer to me, but I chose them because I thought the quality 
would be better.  This is not something that I want to believe.  That's 
why I'm seeking your collective input before I confront the dealer.

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