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Re: [ST] Nor' Easter

>From: George Chacko
>The winds from last night's storm blew my '99 over.
>Of course, I should have left it on the center stand. GC

The most stable position would have been on the sidestand,
with the sidestand side facing downwind and first gear
engaged. That would give the widest footprint at least.
If you don't know the wind direction I guess centerstand
is the next best alternative.

This guys also parked with the sidestand facing upwind
a few months ago:

And this guy (me...) forgot to put the bike in first
gear which nearly rolled the TDM off the mountain (wind
is on the nose and where the asphalt stops there is a
straight one meter drop to the grass and rocks first):

Storms suck... great summer weather here now though,
has been sunny with blue skies and 25+ C temperatures

Almere, Netherlands, Urrup

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