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Re: [ST] gas gauge accuracy

>Some people here are getting more per US gallon than I get per imperial

>gallon! I know the later 955's are thirstier than the earlier ones and
have a 
>smaller tank too, but even so the mileage I get is very disappointing.

Sounds like you need to get someone to stick a sniffer up the exhaust
pipe with the bike strapped to a dyno and look at the mixture. Running
way rich can feel pretty normal, as long as it isn't too rich down low
and fouling the plugs, but will be really thirsty at "normal" engine

>Oh and by the way, fuel here now costs about 1.10 euro per litre,
that's what, 
>US$5.65 per US gallon...

OMG!!! Ouch! We're up around $3.5 /US gallon here if you aren't careful
to go looking for good prices in the Pacific Northwet. High for us, but
people keep paying it, and they keep buying giant cars and trucks to
burn it with.... 
My 2 cents

'06 ST

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