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[ST] Tired of this!

Tires that is.
I have ran Avon's and liked them but the last four sets have been Metzler
Z4 and Z6's.
I use a Z6 on the front now.
I went from two Z4's out back to a Z6 that wore with practically no warning
at 4K. The early ones had no wear bars regardless of what Metzler will tell
you. I even sent them pictures and a couple of months later findable wear
bars were on Z6's. They are almost hidden but they have them. I liked both
the Z4's and Z6's.
But I ordered some Z4's while I still could and really like it in dry and
wet conditions.
Never had one slip except via tar snakes at the pace I ride which is
aggressive enough for the street and they last about 6-7K for me.
I like Metzlers because I can mount them and usually only need a very small
amount of wheel weight if any at all.

BTW, if anyone wants to see what a racing yellow ST looks like ping me off
list and I'll send you some shots.

And, whoever painted Hank's ST yellow before he bought it was on this list
at one time. The bikes runs great but If your still on the list please ping

Jack "Rude Dog" Hays
"I'll see you on the dark side of the Moon"

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