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Re: [St] Rear Sprocket replacement

On Friday 30 Nov 2007, rlnm2000@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> The way I was told was to keep the rear wheel planted and use the rear
> brake to keep still also.  I actually did this myself because the breaker
> bar socket wrench I had was long enough to get enough leverage.  She was on
> her side stand and I basically straddled her as if I was going to ride her
> and stood on the rear brake as I leveraged the sprocket nut.  Worked quire
> well actually.

Same way I did mine. Was no problem at all with a metre-long bar. Bought a 
torque wrench nearly that long fairly cheaply, and tightened it up with ease 

BTW it's not a stake nut on the front sprocket, it's a lockwasher. Mine had 
already been re-used once, I had no problem re-using it again. The rear hub 
nut is staked. It's hard to see how you could remove it, never mind re-stake 
it, without it cracking - so replace it if disturbed. I had to remove my hub 
assembly for greasing. Getting the large circlip off was the only difficult 

> Also, whichever method you use, be sure to disconnect the battery!  If you
> use a long enough breaker bar, it has the potential to short across the
> alternator as it rotates and blow the main fuse.  Trust me I know! :-)

I didn't remove any fairings, so kept the bar pointing towards the rear of the 
bike, no problems.


'04 ST955i

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