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Re: [St] Rear Sprocket replacement

Two things:

1)       Loosening the countershaft nut via the holding the rear
sprocket/wheel via the rear brake and breaker bar on the C/S nut:  if the
gearbox is in neutral and the rear wheel is held by either the rear brake or
other method on the rear tire/wheel, how does that transfer a load to any
part of the gearbox?

2)       I have removed the staked washer on the rear axle by using a
narrow-bladed screwdriver (a blade that fits within the channel in the axle)
to remove the staking.  I would recommend replacing that nut with a new one,
as on re-assembly, the same region on the nut is likely to be present over
the notch in the axle and upon subsequent staking the metal may fail.  If
this description is not clear, PM me for more detail.

3)       On the other hand, reusing the washer on the countershaft sprocket
should be ok as long as each reuse involves a different tab being bent down
to hold the countershaft nut.




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