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Re: [St] Rear Sprocket replacement

In a message dated 3/12/2007 3:11:25 PM AUS Eastern Daylight Time, 
rich.rumble@xxxxxxx writes:

> 1)       Loosening the countershaft nut via the holding the rear
> sprocket/wheel via the rear brake and breaker bar on the C/S nut:  if the
> gearbox is in neutral and the rear wheel is held by either the rear brake or
> other method on the rear tire/wheel, how does that transfer a load to any
> part of the gearbox?

The description was or should have been - DO NOT attempt to undo the front 
sprocket nut with the bike in gear using the engine/gearbox as a brake. This can 
result in damage to the gearbox as its not designed to handle stress in this 
manner. INSTEAD use the rear brake and/or chock the rear wheel to apply the 
counter force necessary to undo the front sprocket nut. And of course, do this 
before you break the chain and remove it.

Apologies if I didnt get the description right the first time. I've seen 
plenty of people use the engine as a brake to remove the front sprocket, even with 
air tools and have not personally seen a bike damaged by this method. 
However, a few mechanics have told me over the years to use the rear brake. It always 
sounded like good advice so I've stuck with it.


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