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[St] Starting problem

I went to start my 2000 RS on Thanksgiving.  I turned the key to run -
the headlights and cockpit gages did not turn on.  I put the battery on
the tender and waited.  The next morning I took the battery off the
tender and tried again...no headlights or cockpit gage.  I wiggled the
key and did get intermittent power to the lights and cockpit gages.  I
looked at the shop manual and there are no directions for taking apart
the keyswitch.  Is it the keyswitch? Or battery (it is the original, but
it is holding a charge and the lights and cockpit gages should come on
with the tender)?  Or wires going to the keyswitch?  Or, maybe the main
relay just forward of the fuses?  I did check the fuses, the 30 amp is
good...is there any good help out there?

Jack Solomon

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