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Re: [St] Rear Sprocket replacement

Poor man, has trouble counting to two. (Must have something to do  
with the Spanish Inquisition)

On Dec 2, 2007, at 8:11 PM, Rich Rumble wrote:

> Two things:
> 1)       Loosening the countershaft nut via the holding the rear
> sprocket/wheel via the rear brake and breaker bar on the C/S nut:   
> if the
> gearbox is in neutral and the rear wheel is held by either the rear  
> brake or
> other method on the rear tire/wheel, how does that transfer a load  
> to any
> part of the gearbox?
> 2)       I have removed the staked washer on the rear axle by using a
> narrow-bladed screwdriver (a blade that fits within the channel in  
> the axle)
> to remove the staking.  I would recommend replacing that nut with a  
> new one,
> as on re-assembly, the same region on the nut is likely to be  
> present over
> the notch in the axle and upon subsequent staking the metal may  
> fail.  If
> this description is not clear, PM me for more detail.
> 3)       On the other hand, reusing the washer on the countershaft  
> sprocket
> should be ok as long as each reuse involves a different tab being  
> bent down
> to hold the countershaft nut.
> HTH,
> Thunderdawg

Matt Knowles
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Matt Knowles - Ferndale, CA - http://www.knowlesville.com/matt/ 
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