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Re: [St] Starting problem


Having just gone through something similar on my '99 ST,
I'm guessing that it's a broken wire in the harness that 
goes from the switch to the main harness.  Try either wiggling
the wires that come out of the switch or turning the bars
from left to right (not the key) while the ignition is on 
and see if the dash and headlights go on and off.  If they
do, its the switch harness. I THINK the RS is similar to the
ST in the way the switch is mounted. The easiest way to remove 
it is to take off the top yoke. The ignition switch is held 
in by 2 small bolts with shear heads.  To get them out, you 
can drive a small allen or torx bit in and turn.  Mine came
out easy and I replaced them with regular allen bolts.  Once 
the switch is out, you can cut the harness casing and pop the 
bottom off of the switch to gain access.  A bit of wiggling
each wire while plugged back in should determine which one 
is broken. Give me a yell offline if you have any questions.


'99 Sprint ST (red)
'04 Thruxton

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>Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2007 08:39:42 -0800
>From: "Solomon, Jack S" <jack.s.solomon@xxxxxxxx>  
>Subject: [St] Starting problem  
>To: ST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>I went to start my 2000 RS on Thanksgiving.  I turned the key to run -
>the headlights and cockpit gages did not turn on.  I put the battery on
>the tender and waited.  The next morning I took the battery off the
>tender and tried again...no headlights or cockpit gage.  I wiggled the
>key and did get intermittent power to the lights and cockpit gages.  I
>looked at the shop manual and there are no directions for taking apart
>the keyswitch.  Is it the keyswitch? Or battery (it is the original, but
>it is holding a charge and the lights and cockpit gages should come on
>with the tender)?  Or wires going to the keyswitch?  Or, maybe the main
>relay just forward of the fuses?  I did check the fuses, the 30 amp is
>good...is there any good help out there?
>Jack Solomon
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