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[St] Gas Tank Expansion?

Curious if  anyone else has had  problems with ill fitting gas tank?  I have 2001 ST and recently had the tank off because female fuel fitting (plastic) was cracked and  leaking.  Upon picking up tank from dealer with new (metal) fitting, I attempted to put it back on and could not, for the life of me, get all  three holes lined  up.  When I  had the front one lined up, the rear two were nowhere near aligned (the tank mounting holes were at least half the width of  the hole too far rearward).  I got the front bolt and one of the rear ones in and ended  up taking it back to the dealer to have them try.  The service manager said one of the mechanics had a Tiger with the same problem.  He suggested that, for  whatever reason, the tank expanded.  Since the bolt holes couldn't have moved, I believe that is the only other possibility but just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this.
'01 ST
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