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Re: [St] Getting the gas tank back on

Yeah, I was afraid of cross-threading and the bolt-head was getting wallowed out so my hex wrench wasn't fitting in too well and so I had double trouble because of that.  As for plastic fuel fittings, it was because of them that  this  whole deal started.  Both male and female are now replaced with metal ones.  > Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 06:26:50 -0800> From: blubyu352@xxxxxxxxx> To: ST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Subject: [St] Getting the gas tank back on> > Chris,> I can say that I had quite a wrestling match to line up the tank on my 2001. Took many different tries and found the toughest hole to line up was the skinny long bolt at the front. I may have stripped mine getting it back in (hope not).> Good luck with yours, be careful of the plastic fuel line fittings.> > > ____________________________________________________________________________________> Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your home page. > http://www.yahoo.com/r/hs> _______________________________________________> Triumph Spr
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