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Re: [St] Gas Tank Expansion?

True.  Only brought tank to dealer, however, pretty sure it's mine bc it has carbon  fiber zipper-scratch-protector-thingy (don't know what the real name for it is) on it so it would be pretty coincidental that there was another blue tank with that on it that just happened to be at the dealer at the same time, etc, etc.  Good thought though.  As for expansion... I agree.  I can't believe that it could/would, but I don't have any other/better explanation.  Mysterious.....
Chris> Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 09:23:19 +0100> From: frederic.nizery@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> To: ST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Subject: [St] Gas Tank Expansion?> > >Curious if anyone else has had problems with ill fitting gas tank? I have 2001 ST and recently had the tank off because female >fuel fitting (plastic) was cracked and leaking. Upon picking up tank from dealer with new (metal) fitting, I attempted to put it >back on and could not,...> > As I understand it you brought only the tank to the dealer. W/o wanting to be paranoid, are you sure it's YOUR tank.> As there was evolution in tank volume couldn't it be that they gave you for whatever reason the tank from another bike.> As there is rubber shock absorbers w/ oval holes I don't think it's very reasonable to think that a nylon double wall> tank could enlarge that much.> > Fred> > _______________________________________________> Triumph Sprint ST/RS mailing list> Send list posts to ST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Change your list options at www.Triumphnet.com
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