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Re: [St] IBR

Wow! Hound Dawg Doug Bailey way to go!

That's phenomenal. I don't know what the percentage is that doesn't 
finish on first try but it's pretty high. Certainly 43rd is an 
excellent result for a first try.

Thanks for posting that, Dave. I knew he was entered and had meant to 
look for results but didn't get around to it.

John Petrey

At 08:08 AM 11/24/2007, you wrote:
>Have not seen anyone mention this, but our own ST rider, Doug Bailey,
>finished the Iron Butt Rally in 43rd position in what I think is his
>first attempt.
>Doug was on his BMW, but Congratulations are in order for a great first
>time effort.
>42 Doug Bailey, BMW R1150GS, 10,353, 215,467
>Also, a Triumph Trophy in 35th place
>35 Kevin J. Healey, Triumph Trophy 1200, 9,407, 225,439
>Way to go Doug.....and Kevin!!!!!
>Dave Bardell
>Millerstown, PA
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