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Re: [St] Petrol leak

I've never had a leak problem on my ST or RS but I know the rubber O rings on the quick fit connectors can perish or get damaged if disturbed so I would start by replacing them if there is nothing else obvious. The rings are £2 each here in the UK.
Good luck.
Dave G
> Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 11:12:16 +0000> From: pmdavies@xxxxxxxxx> To: sprint-st@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; ST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Subject: [St] Petrol leak> > Ive been suffering with the cold which just wouldnt clear up so id> kept off the bike in the chilly weather. Out i went today - resembling> a michelin man - and the bike which hadnt been started for 3 weeks,> turned over without a hesitation. Wheeling her (for the sake of the> story i will refer to the bike as her) out backwards i put down the> side stand and went to put on my helmet and gloves. At this moment i> noticed fuel leaking to the ground. I turned of the ignition, released> the right hand side panel and looked at the hoses coming out of the> tank. Turned over the engine again and there it was, my very own Trevi> fountain.> > On the RHS there is a white connector coming out of the tank, and the> hose connects onto this. There seems to be no deteroation visible to> the hose and the clip looks strong. What might have made this suddenly> be compromised as the bike hasnt been moved? Maybe the cold weather?> > Anyone with any experience in this?> id just talked myself out of getting a newer model as well.....the bitch!> > -- > Pat Davies> _______________________________________________> Triumph Sprint ST/RS mailing list> Send list posts to ST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Change your list options at www.Triumphnet.com
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