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Re: [St] [Sprint-ST] Petrol leak

yes i had a leak after the service early summer and pushed pipes back
in and it never came up again until today, but since the bike hadnt
been moved i was suprised. I did start the bike up in its shed,
wheeled it backwards without any sudden movement. No leak in the shed.

On Dec 10, 2007 11:56 AM, Markus Clarijs <daftspeed@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Had the same thing.
> This is the discussion about the connectors and changing them to metal
> parts.
> It's not the cold: male and female fittigs are made of plastic and will
> shrink or axpand similarly during heat changes.
> My guess is that it is wear of the fittings, maybe last service they took
> the tank off and damaged the fittings?
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