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Re: [St] Petrol leak

hi guys busy day made busier by being late, a rare event wih my trusty steed!
2000 model so something had to give and i read about the wire harness
problems so had spotted that ST07 in Edinburgh.

havent been back to the bike yet but ill take photos tomorrow and
stick them for your arousal oops sorry meant perusal! ; )

but Chris's comment about the plastic cracking hit home with what i
saw. Aint this list great!

On Dec 10, 2007 4:35 PM, Bil Swartz <bil@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> iPat wrote:
> > Turned over the engine again and there it was, my very own Trevi fountain.
> As others have noted the problems with the plastic quick disconnects are
> numerous.  From nicked or deteriorated o-rings to cracks in the plastic itself,
> recommended treatment is replacement with the metal type connectors.
> I had to replace one on a '99 but hadn't had any trouble out of the '03, when
> did they change 'em at the factory?  What year did you say you had?
> HIH,

Pat Davies
"If you don't go out in the woods, nothing will ever happen & your
life will never begin…"
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