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Re: [St] Petrol leak

i have a nylon connector coming out of the tank, linked to an alloy
connector with the hose fitted. It looks like the nylon coupling has
cracked as i can see the pin from the alloy. Camera battery was dead
so ill put a picture up on photobucket later on.
I asked about whether the recalled items were dealt with when i bought
the bike and was told they were. Looks like as Chris Warren stated the
female coupling has fatigued. I wont order from Houston even though
ill be there in Feb, it might be quicker with the scottish dealer! ; )

On Dec 11, 2007 8:17 AM, Frederic NIZERY
<frederic.nizery@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> You can buy the parts at
> http://quickcouplings.net/osc/product_reviews.php?cPath=22_33&products_id=641
> But the two male quick fittings are part of a recall
> from triumph one all 955 models.
> Originally they are colder product parts but the recall replace them w/
> alloy one that don't seem to be colder product.
> I bought the female one from the said site.
> Beware of the many different thread available.
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