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Re: [St] RAT's

philip.schilt@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> actually i think what they is even better. they follow the show and have a demo truck at a dealership that same weekend. screw sitting on bikes, i would want to ride them. granted they may be missing on some audience, but with proper advertising i would think a demo ride speaks more of the bike then seeing one at a show.
> philip
Except that here in Chicago, the show is in February, so the truck 
doesn't make a stop (that I'm aware of).  We did have the truck at MCC 
(local Chicago suburban Triumph dealer) last spring, but I found out 
about it on the last day they were there...

What they do is up to Triumph.  Their sales are up around 40% or 
something like that, and they seem to be barely able to keep up with 
demand, so they aren't too concerned with things I think.

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