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[St] Rat's to ye

OK, I'll comment on some issues brought forth ion the last digest.

First, their sales are up so who needs the shows?
They do and we do. The competition is growing with the Chinese and better
bikes by the big four.
I felt kinds out of place at this year's MC show in Fort Worth wearing my
Triumph shirt and people asking me if they were still in business.
My guess is that if your business is up 30-35% and you attend the shows it
would be even higher.
But a lot of folks will not buy a motorcycle and spend 10K+ on something
that even isn't in the public's eye.
Yes, Ural was there along with every Chinese manufacture, Ducks, Guzzi,
etc. What is missing in this picture.
The last time Triumph participated the floor area was packed.
And what a great way to show the clothing line. I bought gloves and pants
there as the dealers cannot afford to carry everything the company make
available. But the show could have it on display where you could at least
see it and then order from the dealer.

Next, Demo Truck.
Like someone said, they don't come out and play in extreme cold weather.
What time of the year are the shows held???
Plus, two years ago I went by my great dealer before the show to try and
ride a new ST.
An hour before they were open the list was almost full and the ride didn't
start for two hours.
Do I stand there for two hours and wait or go look at every other
motorcycle built plus clothing and accessories?
No, I went to the show and came back. Then the rides were full for the rest
of the day. So much for reaching more than half a dozen people!

RAT, Rik you said you received them all. Just how many was all? How do you
know you got them all? What was the all number?

RAT, stand alone by riders.
We had that for several years with the TSRA but it faded.
Fun while it lasted and two Rallye's per year in different location was a
great way to meet and ride.
But no one wanted to follow through and step up to lead after the first
three years. A shame.
We never did get to have that California Rallye. darn it!

Jack "Rude Dog" Hays
"I'll see you on the dark side of the Moon"
4 - 8 - 15 - 16 - 23 - 42

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