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Re: [St] Rats

Why isn't Triumph at the large shows?

I've got a couple of thoughts to add here.

  First would be that they do tend to follow some of the large events with 
the demo truck.  The truck was in my area (Hartford, CT) last June, I 
believe,  immediately before Americade.  They were at the local Triumph/ 
Ducati / BMW dealership for 2 days.  A friend and I were asked to lead and 
tail for the demo rides and we rode everything in the line both days.  They 
had an excellent turnout and a lot of non Triumph riders were quite 
impressed with the range.
  As someone else mentioned, Triumph may feel that their somewhat limited 
resources are better spent making an impact with other venues, also they may 
view events like the national show as "preaching to the choir"
  Lastly, one of the major obstacles at the large convention facilities is 
the UNIONS.  Without opening a major thread on union versus non- union 
labor, I work a number of trade shows annually across the country as an 
exhibitor and I know from my own experiences that the union shops are 
incredibly greedy and inefficient.  The union costs associated with booth 
space, drayage, electrical services etc. in many major US cities are driving 
most of these larger events to a limited number of destinations such as 
Orlando FL and Las Vegas NV, because they are non- union facilities. I 
remember speaking to one of the Triumph execs at their last appearance in 
NYC a few years ago and he said the costs associated with participation at a 
union facility like the Javits Center were a bitter pill indeed.

That is all

Denis Liakos
'06 Sunset Red ST 

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