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Re: [St] the ST riders perfect xmas gift

Matt Knowles wrote:
> Plus I'm still trying to figure out if I can get my bike into the new  
> studio. Bigger space, but it's on the second floor. I'm not sure the  
> Sprint will fit in the elevator. I might try it on some Sunday  
> evening when I know the building will be deserted.

Oh, come on Matt.  You know it will fit!  I guess it depends on where 
the door is located on the elevator.  Ours here at work has the door on 
the short wall of the elevator, so there's plenty of room.  If the door 
were on the other (long) wall, it probably would take a bit of effort to 
get it in, if it is even possible.

Oh, well.  No more Xmas Sprint photos...

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