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[St] Autocom Cables - Out from under seat how...?


Hope everyone had a terrific Christmas and is now enjoying the lull  
before New Year kicks in...

Idle question really - I spent a happy day yesterday finally getting  
my Zumo installed (more of which in another thread).  But in so doing  
ended up having to move the Autocom slightly and started to wonder  
whether there was a 'best' route for cables from Autocom out from  
under the seat.  Mine go backwards out through the holes in tail  
fairing (either side of tail light assembly and then loop back over to  
clip onto the rack, but send the iPod cable forward and out between  
seat and tank to allow it easy access to tank bag / pockets.  But  
wondered where others sent their cables, and having started to wonder  
felt compelled to ask the question here... :)

Regards etc.

Gavin Lawrie

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