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Re: [St] should i stay or should i go?

Ride both series and see what feels best for you. I love my 05 ST. Having said that, my 99 ST is still the best bike I've had for its time so far. I am thinking I may well look for a low mileage example to add to the fleet. The 99 - 04 series is the better bike two up IMHO.

Good luck which ever way you go.


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Subject: [St] should i stay or should i go?

so i have repaired the fuel tap, split in two as was suggested by many
n this list (thanks for all the advice). Tomorrow i drive to
dinburgh to look at a ST barely a year old with 2.5k miles. Its a
ood price and im led to believe its in fabulous condition.
Question is: do i leave a reliable 00 with potential wear and tear
eveloping for a new stylee? What do you reckon to be the best vintage
f the ST?
at Davies
print ST 00
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