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Re: [St] should i stay or should i go?

Hi Pat,

Well,there is no easy answer to your Q, however, I bought my '06 ST because I love triples and I much prefer the "face" of the 1050 over the 955 (I have previously acknowledged that this is very much a personal opinion while others on this list consider the 99-04 ST the prettiest m/c that ever rolled down the back roads of this earth so - hold the flamethrowers, please!).  A few months ago I wrote a detailed report on what I found out about my ST over the summer so you may want to check the archives and have a look. 

In short, I love the motor, need to replace the saddle with something that can go 1000 kms in comfort in a day, have already raised the bars a tad and look forward to replacing the underseat pipe with a more free-flowing, sweeter-sounding exhaust pipe. 

The stock exhaust would be my biggest reservation if I had to do this transaction all over again. The high-mounted pipe, combined with the bored-out motor puts out a considerable amount of heat - even with the heat shield that was installed in the mid-06 production year.  I am hoping that I after I install the (much better looking) Wolf pipe that the removal of the catalytic converter and the better flow reduces the heat to a tolerable level on a hot summer's day.

If you have mrope Q's, I will try to have more As.



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From: iPat 


Tomorrow i drive to
Edinburgh to look at a ST barely a year old with 2.5k miles. Its a
good price and im led to believe its in fabulous condition.

Question is: do i leave a reliable 00 with potential wear and tear
developing for a new stylee? What do you reckon to be the best vintage
of the ST?
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