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Re: [St] Open up - Roof Boxer Review

>BTW, what the heck is a Roof Boxer?

OK, it;s too late for SA answers!  I found it myself at the following web site.
So Kevin, having ridden for 30 yrs and having read a lot of helmet reviews (as I riding instructor I try to stay current on trends and technology), I find myself immediately falling into the "I don't get it" category with the Roof Boxer.  Yep, it is an interesting design but has too many shortcomings for me.
At the top of the list is the "no vent-too much noise" observation on the part of the unnamed authour.
If I am parting with a good chunk of change for a new lid, it better be functional!  
Vents are very functional in high humidity in keeping the fogging down and I am always looking for a quieter helmet; not a noisier one.
Also, in my case, the short front-to-back comment does not bode well for me.  I have a long chin so I do not need the aggravation of extra pressure.
Lastly, I have read several critical reviews of flip-up helmets citing the pivot mechanism as the Achilles heel of the design.  In other words, there is more metal and less closed cell foam in the temples of the helmet where the chin bar pivots away from the remainder of the helmet shell.  
... and guess what is one of the more critical areas of the skull???  Post-crash reviews I have seen have noted that the head injuries to a flip-up helmet wearer have sometimes been severe (deadly) when the crash has pushed the pivot area metal into the skull of the rider.
Like I said, I just don't get the whole flip-up concept.  I know the idea is to make it easier for glasses wearers .  While I am not yet forced to wear corrective lenses when I ride, I often do wear sunglasses so I am very familiar with the need to find a comfortable pair of sunglasses with a narrow arm that will (relatively) easily slide between the helmet liner and my temples.
Nothing I have read in the Roof Boxer review has changed my opinion that the best protection available is a good full face helmet.  
It is then the rider's responsibility to find the right glasses/sunglasses to use in combination with the chosen helmet.
The one unknown I will concede in my comments is that I am not familiar with the Euro ECE 22-05 test standards, however, I am guessing that there is no specific test for a flip-up helmet in the pivot area.  Someone please correct me if I have guessed wrong...
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